Monday, 26 September 2016

Heather Holo from Sophin

Hello my dear readers
I think that hologaphic nail polishes will always be trendy. They look incredibly pretty when they meet with the right amount of light. Today I would like to show you a lovely heather shade , number 204, which has been sent to me by Cosmo Art Sophin Poland.
I am sure a lot of you know this brand very well and love it as much as I do. This is a high quality nail polish, which doesn't only look spectacular on the nails but also last at least 10 days with no chippings at all. The formula is rather thick but there is no problem to work with it. The pigmentation is really good. I am wearing two normal coats.
The holo effect is very obvious and visible well. The nails look awesome in sunshine. I received a lot of compliments about my nails.
And I am leaving you with my pictures....

Sophin Number 204 playing with sunny spells...

Even in the shadow Sophin looks gorgeous...

Sophin Nail Polishes you can find in Sophin Cosmo-Art in Poland and Sophin Cosmetics in Europe

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

A piece of sky on the nails- Psychedelic Galaxy from Mezmris Nail Lacquer

Hello my lovelies

Hope you are doing fine. I am coming today with another wonderful indie polish which I received for review from Mezmris Nail Lacquer. This time it is the ' Psychedelic Galaxy', gorgeous black nail polish with a million various sized glittery particles in it. You know how much I love glittery polishes so you can imagine how easily I fell in love with it. I really like how this polish is presenting on the nails. I think that it could be a very good choice for outstanding mani for some party, am I right?
The formula and pigmentation is really good, two normal coats are enough to receive a total opaque. Also drying time is impressive, a few minutes and nails are absolutely dry.
Let's take a look at my pictures...

And here you go, beautiful 'Psychedelic Galaxy' - small piece of sky in one bottle...

If you like Indie Nail Polishes you should definitely check Mezmris Nail Lacquer Facebook Page 'click'  and I am sure that everybody would find something for themselves.

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Fife Fantasi

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Are your nails ready for autumn? Beautiful Collection from Mezmris Nail Lacquer

Good Morning Ladies
I am very excited today because I would like to show you a very exclusive autumn collection of Indie polishes created by the very talented Sammy from 'Mezmris Nail Lacquer'. She was so nice and offered me them for review. Her collection is hand made and cruelty free. Also they are 5 Free which means that there are no toxic ingredients and our nails are staying healthy and safe.
The whole collection is wonderful and I had a problem choosing which nail polish should be tried first.
From left:
1. Equinox
2. Solstice
3. Spaceman
4. Psychedelic  Galaxy

And here is the lucky one...beautiful, intense golden ginger with a thousand sparkly and shiny particles...colour and spicy taste of autumn...

The Solstice is a very warm, deep orange/ ginger shade with semi gloss finish. The formula is quite thick but very easy to work with. I applied two normal coats but I think that one thick one could be enough. The pigmentation is fantastic. I wish all polishes could have such intensive colours. I was wearing it almost one week and nail polish stayed with the same very good condition all the time with no chippings at all.
And I am leaving you with my pictures....

If you like Indie Nail Polishes you should definitely check Mezmris Nail Lacquer Facebook Page 'click'  and I am sure that everybody would find something for themselves.

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Candy Floss with shimmer from Sophin

Hello my lovelies,
Do you like wearing pink nails? But of course not just boring faded pink but classy candy floss pink with a touch of shimmer? I think that I have something just for you. Sophin has in their massive collection an outstanding nail polish which is not only beautiful but also vinyl with very good durability. As soon as I tried it I fell in love with it. The formula is a little bit thick almost like a gel polish but a perfect brush is letting you work so easily with it.. The finish is a high gloss and really shiny so it is making the whole mani eye catching. The pigmentation is fantastic- I am wearing only two coats.
I have to say that this polish lasts quite long. I am wearing it for two weeks so far and there are scratches or damages on the surface.
And take a look at my pictures....

Do you see how beautiful and shiny is it?

The bottle holds 12ml of nail polish and it is presenting very nice.

To see more Sophin products you should visit their website:

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ancient stamping nail design with Moyou London

Hello my dear readers,
Today I am happy to share with you swatches and a review of a fantastic stamping plate from MoYou London which I received for review along with duochrome stamping (but not only) purple nail polish. I have mentioned before in my earliest post that MoYou London has a very good stamping plates collection which actually could satisfy almost all nail stamping addicted ladies. My choice was a very interesting plate from Explorer collection. This plate is full of ancient designs which together with our artistic imagination can lead to unique nail art. A lovely purple duochrome nail polish is very well pigmented but to be honest it is shifting colours much better in the bottle than on the stamping pattern. It wasn't a massive problem because this is still a very adorable nail polish anyway.
And I am leaving you with my pictures. I will appreciate if you leave me your opinion in the comment section.

The stamping accessories are not only adorable but very useful especially for ladies with long nails.

I really enjoyed wearing this manicure especially that it was in my beloved colour.
If you would like to try MoYou London collection it is available at
Have a lovely day anyone.
Fife Fantasi 
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