Sunday, 2 February 2014

Gold glitter tips and flowers

Today's mani is very simple. I made just white/ gold glitter tips and painted just white, simple flowers only on two nails.

thank you for watching. I will be happy if you leave a comment below with your opinion. Cheers


  1. Mamma mia ! again lovely flowers nail art ! endless ideas on your blog for flowers !love it ,very much !
    paradise for eyes !

    1. because Bubica, it is what I can paint the best- I need to change my painting direction!

    2. no please ! you dont have to change any! this is really wondefull nail art !all of us has different stile and that is is nails for all planet! ha ha.i love flowers but i dont know to paint like you! mine are with no details ! he !

  2. Może i Twoje dzisiejsze zdobienie jest proste ale takie delikatne zdobienia mają w sobie ogrom uroku :) ślicznie :)

  3. Absolutely stunning, I love the almost natural manicure with the glitter tips and the flower nails set it off perfectly :) xx


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