Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Vegas Vixen from Cuccio

Hello my dear readers :)
How are you doing these days? I am quite busy at my present job, working a lot of hours everyday so I have less time for blogging. I think that finally I will organize everything better and I will be posting more often.
Today I would like to show you another Cuccio nail polish which I bought at Beauty UK Exhibition
This is  'Vegas Vixen', a beautiful and sparkly nail polish which could work by itself but I decided to apply it on the black background. This is a very attractive and effective nail polish and could be used for nights out nail designs. The quality is awesome, two normal coats (or one thicker) are enough for total coverage.

You can buy Cuccio polishes online 'Cuccio Shop
Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day everyone.'


  1. super :) pasowałyby mi do takiej jednej sukienki :) albo idealne na sylwestra :D


    1. masz racje, taki sylwestrowy blyszczyk, ale bardzo fajny :)

  2. cool nails polish!


  3. I love your nails, they're so beautiful! And the nail polish itself is gorgeous, it looks like the perfect top coat for any nail style.
    Have a nice day! xx


  4. wow <3 paznokcie na bogato czyli coś co kocham <3

  5. I love the black ones;)


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I hope you are managing to get time for yourself, I am sure you will work out a good pattern that will work for you <3 GORGEOUS manicure, I seriously love it - what a stunning glitter topper! I've been very interested in this brand but unable to pick any up yet, If/when I can I will look for this one! xx

  8. This is really gorgeous, I love it :-D

  9. What an elegant nail art dear! Luminous and dark at the same time!
    Kisses :*

  10. Wow, that sparkle! I've heard about Cuccio also here in Italy, hope to try their polishes soon :D

  11. Prześliczny lakier, super się prezentuje w połączeniu z czernią :)


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