Saturday, 9 April 2016

'Emerald City' - beautiful matte green from Revlon

Hello my lovelies
How are you all doing? Hope you are fine.
We have spring already and I was thinking that it is time for green nails, isn't it?
I have a few green polishes in my stash but I seldom use them. This one- 'Emerald City' from Revlon I bought a long, long time ago and just today it has its premiere. This is a really nice shade of green, with a gentle touch of shimmer. The finish is matte. I have to say that the quality is very good as well and it was very easy to work with it.
On two nails I put a floral stamping design. I used 'Suki' plate number 06 from MoYou London.
Let's check my pictures....

'Emerald City' from Revlon- beautiful matte green with shimmer

And what do you think? Do you like my green design? I am waiting for your opinion.
Have a lovely day :)
Fife Fantasi


  1. What a pretty green mani dear Edyta! Are ages that I don't wear green on nails ;p

    1. me too, but I like it from time to time :)

  2. Replies
    1. rozumiem, kazdy ma swoje ulubione ;)

  3. Przepiękne, uwielbiam zieleń, kojarzy mi się bardzo wiosennie :)

    Kochana mogłabyś poklikać w linki w najnowszym poście ?
    Z góry dziękuję <3

  4. Fabulous - gorgeous stamping!

  5. This revlon polish is really beautiful :D love green polishes

  6. I'm not that much into greens (except from neon and acid ones) but I'm deeply in love with the look of this Revlon. And, of course, your accents are marvellous! A great contrast and a gorgeous colour combo.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous manicure, Fife! I really love these greens with the stamping pattern, very fresh and pretty!

  8. Beautiful mani, the nail polish is amazing. Happy weekend, girl.

  9. Śliczne mani:) Przez sekundę myślałam że sama zmalowałaś wzorek farbkami albo czymś, bo wcale bym się nie zdziwiła :)

  10. Bardzo mi się podoba to mani, zwłaszcza, że ostatnio mam fazę na zielenie na pazurkach :D

  11. Piękne zdobienie, wzorek przypomina mi jakąś dżunglę :)

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  13. Świetnie to połączyłaś ze sobą Edytko, pozdrawiam:)

  14. Śliczne zdobienie, kojarzy mi się z dżunglą:)

  15. piękne wiosenne pazurki :) chociaż troszkę zalatują tropikami :D

  16. i have enjoyed in your manis, as always :)


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