Thursday, 21 April 2016

Glittery top coat from Born Pretty Store

Hello my dear readers
I just noticed that I haven been wearing glittery nails for long time. A couple of months ago I received a lovely glittery top coat for review from Born Pretty Store. This is an adorable top coat, full of hexagons of various colours and sizes. The density is very good so I didn't have any problem with application. I have applied it over a black background and all the particles stayed very visible and shiny. The rest of my nails  I painted with Ophelia from a-England. Ophelia disappointed me a little bit because I expected it to be exactly like in the bottle, purple with black dust. Unfortunately the purple disappeared and my nails stayed absolutely black....
This is the first a-England which didn't reach my expectations.
And here is my glittery nail art. What do you think?

A-England- Ophelia

3 Concept Eyes form Born Pretty Store

If you like this top coat you can find it here <click>- they are available in different colours
With my code EPG10 you are entitled to 10% discount

I am waiting for your opinion so don't hesitate to leave your comments.
Have a nice day everyone
Fife Fantasi


  1. No nie spodziewałabym sie tak niesamowitego efektu po tym brokacie.

  2. Na kciuku widać trochę tego fioletu :) Fajnie wyszło.

  3. Very nice layering. Looks fun and in the same time elegant!

  4. Very cool post dear :)♥♥♥

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  5. Lubie takie propozycje ... jest mega moc :)

  6. very interesting option manicure! for a party or a holiday;)

  7. That's a really pretty glitter! :) And wow, I'm really surprised that purple shimmer didn't come out on the nail! :( I wonder what went wrong? It certainly shows in the bottle.

  8. Proste i śliczne :3

    Zapraszam Odpowiadam na każdą obserwacje i propozycje wejść w linki :)

  9. Glittery potrafią 'zrobić' całe mani, szczególnie gdy nie mamy czasu :)

  10. niemiła niespodzianka jak tak schował się pyłek. Ale brokacik ratuje sytuacje:D Ja też dawno nie używałam ale czekam aż kupię bazę peel off, bo jak brokat nie chce mi się zmyć to ja go zrywam z paznokci i więcej szkody niż pożytku z takich zabiegów.

  11. Super ten brokatowy dodatek!

  12. This is a very nice glitter topper!

  13. wszystko co zmalujesz jest takie fajne i dopracowane

  14. Jaki świetny ten topper, wygląda genialnie :D

  15. The manicure is so lovely... that glitter is just out of this world stunning :O
    Ophelia looks amazing in the bottle... too bad that it did not show its true beauty on the nails :(


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