Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ancient stamping nail design with Moyou London

Hello my dear readers,
Today I am happy to share with you swatches and a review of a fantastic stamping plate from MoYou London which I received for review along with duochrome stamping (but not only) purple nail polish. I have mentioned before in my earliest post that MoYou London has a very good stamping plates collection which actually could satisfy almost all nail stamping addicted ladies. My choice was a very interesting plate from Explorer collection. This plate is full of ancient designs which together with our artistic imagination can lead to unique nail art. A lovely purple duochrome nail polish is very well pigmented but to be honest it is shifting colours much better in the bottle than on the stamping pattern. It wasn't a massive problem because this is still a very adorable nail polish anyway.
And I am leaving you with my pictures. I will appreciate if you leave me your opinion in the comment section.

The stamping accessories are not only adorable but very useful especially for ladies with long nails.

I really enjoyed wearing this manicure especially that it was in my beloved colour.
If you would like to try MoYou London collection it is available at www.moyou.co.uk
Have a lovely day anyone.
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  1. I love your nails style with this look. xx

  2. Oh wow, this greek stampings look soooo gorgeous!
    What a nice plate <3<3<3<3

    xoxo, Colli
    Mein Beautyblog - tobeyoutiful

  3. Ten wzorek jest idealny i świetnie wygląda na paznokciach :)
    Jeśli możesz, kliknij w linki w najnowszym poście, dzięki :*

  4. Great post dear! :)♥

  5. Śliczny wzorek:) I super równo Ci się odbił, ja nie odbijam super równo nawet z przezroczystym stemplem :D

  6. Your stamping turned out fantastic for this mani!

  7. MoYou to firma, którą bardzo chciałabym móc przetestować ^^ Ich płytki są cudowne! <3
    Fajnie wygląda zdobienie, które wymyśliłaś. Ten lakier do stemplowania ma cudny kolor ;-)

  8. Acho tudo muito lindo, produtos da Moyou são perfeitos.

    blog Usei Hoje
    Instagram | Twitter | Fan Page

  9. Świetnie wyszło, chyba naprawdę potrzebuję tej płytki :D

  10. Ta płytka też ma fajne wzory :) zastanawiam się czy mnie by to też tak fajnie wychodziło :)

  11. Jakie to ładne! Ciekawe, jak ten fiolet się prezentuje na czerni ^^

  12. Piękny wzór :3

    Zapraszam http://ispossiblee.blogspot.com Odpowiadam na każda obserwację :)

  13. Pięknie i precyzyjnie wykonane :)

  14. Beautiful nail art, love it! :)


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