Thursday, 25 August 2016

Candy Floss with shimmer from Sophin

Hello my lovelies,
Do you like wearing pink nails? But of course not just boring faded pink but classy candy floss pink with a touch of shimmer? I think that I have something just for you. Sophin has in their massive collection an outstanding nail polish which is not only beautiful but also vinyl with very good durability. As soon as I tried it I fell in love with it. The formula is a little bit thick almost like a gel polish but a perfect brush is letting you work so easily with it.. The finish is a high gloss and really shiny so it is making the whole mani eye catching. The pigmentation is fantastic- I am wearing only two coats.
I have to say that this polish lasts quite long. I am wearing it for two weeks so far and there are scratches or damages on the surface.
And take a look at my pictures....

Do you see how beautiful and shiny is it?

The bottle holds 12ml of nail polish and it is presenting very nice.

To see more Sophin products you should visit their website:

And what is your opinion? Do you like my sweet nails? I am waiting for your comments.
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  1. super wyglada na pazurkach, serio :)

  2. So pretty, the shade looks amazing

  3. faktycznie ciekawy, słodko wygląda :)

  4. Fajny! Przypomina mi Miyo, który kiedyś miałam (ale on kiepsko krył).

  5. Ładny lakier :) Ja sama rzadko noszę różowe paznokcie, nie żebym nie lubiła ale jakoś mi z nimi nie po drodze ;)

  6. aww) love this shade! romantic and sweet)

  7. Great post! :) ♥
    Have a nice day!
    New post on my blog:

  8. Oh this is such a beautiful pink!! I don't reach for pinks too often but this is certainly too beautiful not to want to wear!

  9. Słodki i taki trochę księżniczkowy kolor :)

  10. This color is gorgeous, I really like. I'm your new GFC follower # 420 if you want, come to my blog ♥

  11. Hello, so beautiful color!! What is the number of this color?

  12. Hello, so beautiful color!! What is the number of this color?

  13. gorgeous color! What's a tone number and name of the series?


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