Friday, 19 August 2016

Neon peach from Sophin

Hello my dear readers,
I hope that all of you are doing fine. I am coming today with some gorgeous nail polish which has been sent to me for review by Cosmo Art- Sophin Poland. This is a really fantastic shade which could be worn in each season because it's very energetic and sophisticated at the same time. This polish has a sandy finish but I have to say that it is quite smooth and delicate. The formula is quite thick and I had to be careful when I was applying. The drying time is reasonable- up to 5 minutes. I am sure that some of you have already tried this polish and you must agree with me that this colour is spectacular. The quality is very good- as almost all Sophin polishes. I received a lot of compliments about my nails so I really recommend it to you.
Just take a look....

I think that this colour is more intensive on the nails than in the bottle...

And here you go...

I hope that you like this colour as much as I do. Just let me know your opinion.
Sophin Nail Polishes you can find in Sophin Cosmo-Art in Poland and Sophin Cosmetics in Europe

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Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. piekny jest ten kolorek; bardzo mi sie podoba, mimo że pomarańcz to nie mój ulubiony kolor.

  2. The color is super pretty and the texture is exactly the amount that I like!

  3. Ładny kolor :) Dawno nie miałam piaskowych lakierów na paznokciach :)

  4. Great post dear! Nice color nails! ♥
    New post on my blog:

  5. Piękny kolor, a osobiście - gdyby nie był piaskiem, to podobałby mi się jeszcze bardziej!

  6. Fajny, taka trochę pomarańczowa skórka ;)

  7. Całkiem niezły kolorek ;-) Przypomina pomarańczę - skórkę z pomarańczy dokładniej ;-D

  8. Beautifull <3
    mogłabyś poklikać u mnie ?

  9. Super kolor :) Mniej wiecej w takim mam kostium kapielowy :)

  10. Na ostatki lata, taki kolorek na paznokciach idealny ;)

  11. Jaki ładny piasek, bardzo mi się podoba :)

  12. Kolorek jest piękny ale chyba wolałabym aby był bardziej z połyskiem :)

  13. Cudowna struktura <3


  14. Ooh, that's really pretty! :)


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