Sunday, 25 September 2016

A piece of sky on the nails- Psychedelic Galaxy from Mezmris Nail Lacquer

Hello my lovelies

Hope you are doing fine. I am coming today with another wonderful indie polish which I received for review from Mezmris Nail Lacquer. This time it is the ' Psychedelic Galaxy', gorgeous black nail polish with a million various sized glittery particles in it. You know how much I love glittery polishes so you can imagine how easily I fell in love with it. I really like how this polish is presenting on the nails. I think that it could be a very good choice for outstanding mani for some party, am I right?
The formula and pigmentation is really good, two normal coats are enough to receive a total opaque. Also drying time is impressive, a few minutes and nails are absolutely dry.
Let's take a look at my pictures...

And here you go, beautiful 'Psychedelic Galaxy' - small piece of sky in one bottle...

If you like Indie Nail Polishes you should definitely check Mezmris Nail Lacquer Facebook Page 'click'  and I am sure that everybody would find something for themselves.

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Have a great day :)
Fife Fantasi


  1. Replies
    1. w rzeczywistosci jeszcze piekniejszy :)- dziekuje za mily komentarz

  2. it's super nice. i have a similar one by Dolomia, but I rarely reach for it, cause a black polish is not easy to wear, but this one has amazing colorful flakies in it tath make it special.

  3. Great color!

  4. Adorable manicure) I love such glossy shades)

  5. Beautiful polish and its great seeing you showcase polishes. I don't remember you doing that when I was doing the nail thing.

  6. Oh wow this one is absolutely gorgeous! Samm i has been making some very beautiful polishes and they look perfect on your nails! <3

  7. Wooow! Beautiful polish and manicure!

  8. ooo ten jest jeszcze ładniejszy niż poprzedni :) oczywiście tamten też jest śliczny ale ten ma to cosik :)

  9. Cudowny kolorek <3


  10. wszystko co najlepsze w lakierach indie - oryginalny kolor, boskie błyski <3

  11. Gorgeous, that's such a unique polish!

  12. Mam praktycznie taki sam czarny galaxy tylko w formie hybrydy. Nawet mam go aktualnie na paznokciach :)


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